Camber in January

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Large abstract impressionist landscape, 100x100cm

I use paints and mark making to translate my world. January Beach, winter can be so many things here in Kent. Today’s cold, drizzly, raw weather - but we can also have blue skies, cold earth, magical woodland and subtle colour. This painting is all about winter at Camber Sands Beach , the chill, and the colours, especially in the afternoon skies, pinks, cream, blues and clouds.

I use beautiful quality acrylic paints, mostly Golden acrylic, and Lascaux, and a large variety of brushes and palette knives, to drip, wash, smudge and paint the surface of the canvas, to create a rich and varied painting.

This 100x100cm landscape painting is unframed. It has white painted edges, and is strung with picture cord ready to hang.