Individually hand embellished canvas prints

An exciting project!

I am releasing four individually embellished canvas prints, mounted and ready to hang. It's a chance for me to try working onto my beautifully presented prints, and create something special and individual. the price will reflect this, with each of the prints limited to an edition of just 10. As they will be embellished by hand each will be slightly different.

I will keep you posted here and on my Instagram as to how I am getting on, adding paints, gold paints and unique touches. 

The prints I have chosen are below.

 Blue and Green Bank at 100x33cm, £500


Small Field at 80x80cm, £575


Joy at 80x80cm, £575


Beautiful Pastel Afternoon at 40x122cm, £500


Christopher Nolan

can i order the joy 80cm by 80cm thank you


I would like to order one of theses please.
Is it mounted onto a frame?

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