Summer thoughts in January

Summer Dreaming, 30x30cm, £400 (ex VAT)

January is a tough month in Kent, rainy, windy, get the picture.

It's a time of year when I love to be in my studio, lights on, heater on, music playing and being very free with my ideas and thoughts around painting. This January is a little different as I have several very cool commissions on the go, but I still like to make time for dreaming.


 Summer Dreaming II, 30x30cm £400 (ex VAT)

Here are a couple of small paintings which I have created since 1st January - I have used lots of impasto and lots of other paint additions to create contrasting textures in these wam abstracted portraits of summer roses. I use a lot of Golden Paints generally, and love the  pumice gel they have. There are different grades and I employ both fine and rough, alongside gloss gels. This makes the painting surface dense with texture, and satisfying to look at and touch. Hope you like them!

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