North Pembrokeshire 2022

Visiting the North Pembrokeshire coastal area in early autumn to paint is something I find very liberating and spontaneous. There is something about the time of year, the light, the natural beauty and the colours you can see on the coast and inland which is very inspirational.

Newport Beach, Pembrokeshire

Newport Beach, Pembrokesire, 60x60cm SOLD

I hope that you enjoy looking through some of the artwork I have brought home and worked in my studio.


Golden Hour, September, 80x80cm

Golden Hour, September, 80x80cm


Golden Hour, Golden Beach

Golden Hour, Golden Beach


Hedgerow and Pink Fields

Hedgerow and Pink Fields SOLD


Ploughed Field, Autumnal skies

Ploughed Field, Autumnal Skies SOLD


Gentle Day

Gentle Day


Path of Daisies

Path of Daisies, 80x80cm


Stones on the Beach

  Stones on the Beach, 30x60cm

Beautiful Blue, flowers and grasses

Beautiful Blue, 18x48"


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Marianne Lenti

What is foremost in your mind as you paint your luscious skies. I mean, luscious isn’t generally used to describe a spring sky, but that just popped into my head. The flowers are the subject, I guess, but those skies!

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